A message from Opera in the Ozarks for our patrons and supporters:

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to dominate the news and disrupt our schedules, we are getting questions about whether we will proceed with our season.

The short answer is that at this point, there is so much uncertainty about what will happen that we do not know. We continue to stay informed and will take guidance from knowledgeable health officials. As yet, our campus is still closed for the winter, but we will begin maintenance and opening cleaning at the beginning of April. This is an unprecedented situation in our lifetimes and we really have very little on which to base intelligent predictions.

We have no desire to put our young artists, staff, or our patrons at risk. But we are also mindful that for many of the artists, the opportunity to attend Opera in the Ozarks is time sensitive and comes at a financial sacrifice.

Tickets are scheduled to go on sale on April 1. If you have particular seating requests, go ahead and purchase tickets. If we cannot proceed with the season, we will refund your money.

I urge you all to remain calm and see how things develop. A lot can change in the eight weeks before the staff and young artists are scheduled to arrive.

The one thing we know is that we don’t know much about this disease or about how it will progress, especially given the massive number of closures of places where groups gather. We are mindful that the arts community is especially hard hit by these closures. We will try to figure this out in a manner that causes the least pain to all.

This too shall pass, and if my beloved mother were here, she would say, “It will all work out.” She was right more times than she was wrong in her very long life, so I am going with that. I’ve laid in some good books and lots of chocolate while I “social distance.” We will get through this! We will post updates as more information becomes available.

I hope to see you all soon and to enjoy making great opera with you for our 70th season!

Nancy Preis
General Director, Opera in the Ozarks

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